Wednesday, October 30, 2013

infini-tea date

Recently, my best friend seems to be into milk teas. He is really not the milk tea kind-of-guy but when his cousin introduced him to Happy Lemon, he actually loved it. So we thought of visiting a new milk tea place here in Tacloban called infini-tea. We have been planning to visit this place since it opened but we've been caught up with work and the plan seemed to have just slipped out of our heads. But when one of our friends from Cebu came home to do back up for his Zumba instructor/friend for an activity called Zumba-thon, we had more reasons to really push through with the plan.

So like other normal yuppies who love to try out places, we thought of visiting this place because all of us have never been there. And our Zumba friend from Cebu said that the drinks are on him, so we did the next best thing - we complied. Hahaha. 

I have this weird thing about ordering only food or drinks that are familiar to me (maybe I'm scared of tasting something I don't really like) and I like trying out similar things in different restaurants or shops to check out which one will be my new favorite place to buy it. So when we went to infini-tea, I ordered Wintermelon. And I forgot about what my other guy friends ordered. Haha. Did I mention that this shop gives you an option on your preferred sugar level, which I think is a really good thing. 

Check out our group picture on the left. I actually got this photo from my friend's Facebook account. A funny thing about this photo was when my Mum commented about me having gay friends for best buds. And I thought to myself, "yeah, I didn't really notice".  

So the guy I am with on the upper left is my best friend Brian, the guys in the middle are Garry (it was his treat) and Marc, the late comer. Hahaha. We stayed in infini-tea for 2 hours because of unlimited catching up and also because it rained for a while while we were there. Good thing about the rain though was another friend was able to come over for a chat.

After hanging out and waiting for the rain to stop, we walked to McDonald's to buy fries. It was a long walk especially since it rained again and we didn't have an umbrella. Haha!! Unlucky? Perhaps. And to our surprise, we bumped into another friend who turned out to be celebrating his birthday and we got free dinner. What was originally planned as fries turned into chicken and fries! I was even noting that it was cool having guy friends who feed you! Hahaha. Kidding aside - this has been a great day! Full of catching up and tons of talk (and pictures too!)  This infini-tea date was totally awesome and memorable!