Sunday, September 15, 2013

Welcome Sisters!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sisterhood! We are the Soledad sisters and the three of us are scattered accordingly: one in Luzon, another in Visayas, and another in Mindanao. The three of us love food and travel so much and we'd like to share our adventures with all of you.

This blog will try to exhibit our mini adventures around the Philippines related to the places we visit and the different cuisines that we love or we just want to try out. We hope to give you information that can inspire you to visit these places or try our food adventures soon :)


Happy travelling and happy eating from the Sisters of Wander! :)

About us:

Jemima - the sister of Luzon
Jessa - the sister of Visayas
Jemika - the sister of Mindanao

Bonding bonding din pag may time kase madalang lang 'to :))